Don’t You Know You Are A Christian?

Jesus said we should turn the other cheek, but the last time I checked I only counted two cheeks.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Hey! Don’t react like that, you shouldn’t have gotten that angry. Don’t you know you are a Christian? So because of that little betrayal from your friend who stole all your clients, you cannot forgive him and allow things return to status quo. Don’t you know you are a Christian? So you are complaining about the things happening in your compound. You keep saying your neighbours disrespect you and now you are upset and keeping your distance from them. Don’t you know you are a Christian?

The believe that Christians ought not complain, or get upset over things or persons impeding on their peace or generally just accepting whatever comes, has proved to be man’s greatest problem. This general misconception has bedevilled the Christian community for a long time and has seen many fall into depression due to the feeling of helplessness that comes from not being able to express deep emotions because of not wanting to offend Yah (based on worldview). In a bid to manumit themselves from the shackles of “Christianity”, they apostatize.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean you should be naive au contraire it means you should be more aware of all happening. This is simply because you ought to walk with a kind of wisdom that far exceeds that of the world. It would be clear foolishness to keep in your fold a traitor because you are forgiving. Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation. You can abstain from a toxic person without a grudge (at least do so, so as not to always go to God murmuring). If you keep a traitor close, someday, heaven will welcome you with open arms. Some persons will say, I have been admitted into the hospital due to being in an abusive marriage but I am a Christian so I will remain in it. God forbid I support divorce but aunty/uncle, give yourself a break by simply separating from the abuser and pray that God touch them. You don’t have to die because you are a Christian (at least not in a foolish way).

Don’t let yourself get pressured into taking insults and humiliations because every expects a Christian to act a certain way. Know yourself worth and remain true to yourself. Shalom!

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