Our Society’s Current State

Being a kid is great or should I say was great. The freedom that comes with being carefree was so refreshing. Kids weren’t scared of being nocturnal because they had all the time in the world to sink deep in the blissful world of sleep.

Society at one time was functional because everyone tried to uphold sound morals and were never afraid to pass such morals to the kid next-door. 

Everything was great until the poison was subtly inserted into the very core of being. That poison is called mammon. Those era of a fully sane and functional society have gradually but steadily slipped through our fingers. Parents who we once looked up to have become the enemies of the society; forcing their young to commit all manner of evil just so that they can be like John’s mum, who’s son got her the latest Gucci shoes and bags for the upcoming women’s meeting.

When will we start telling our young boys that life doesn’t end at 25 and our young ladies that decency is still beautiful and sophisticated? When would we be bold enough to shout with a loud voice like John the baptist in the wilderness saying “crime does not pay”? When are we going to stop acting cowardly and speak the truth without the fear of not being accepted by the morally bankrupt society?

The society is gradually collapsing because people are scared to speak the truth. The minority who have the boldness to do and say what is wrong, succeeds because everyone is turning a blind eye while maintaining the sanctimonious outlook.

The Means Isn’t Justified By The End

“The end justifies the means”. This quote right here beats me everytime I think about it. I personally think it has proven to be the bane of human moral existence.

When in secondary school we were taught that the process followed when solving a mathematical problem was as germane if not more so than the final result. Now that is how life ought to be. But what do we have now? People go all out, steal, commit fraud, traffic humans or their parts and even rituals; after all that they are celebrated because of the few national notes they spray into the air. Some are given chieftancy titles in their villages, most especially in third world countries can run for a political office and go as far as winning while others are given titles in churches due to the heavy sum they give as tithes, offerings and building seeds.

No one ever sits to think and ask themselves what is being lost as a result of such actions being taken. This have bedevilled the minds of those holding on to integrity and hoping to do what’s right. Why then should they follow due process? Why should they strive to attain good moral standing? Youths are now all hoping to be millionaires over night. No one wants to endure the challenges of life anymore. From 16-21 years of age they feel like they have been failed by the world and no more hope for them so they take the easy way out. The painful part is when they finally succeed, people hail them and ask for stipends from them. And a child younger sees this and your guess is as good as mine as to what would happen in the coming years as they grow older.

The end doesn’t justify the means, rather the means should determine the outcome of the end. We we begin to see things through this point of view, I strongly believe that we would have succeeded in reducing the amount of things we pray for. Let us put an end to this vicious circle and aim for the core of the hydra beast and put it down for good. Let’s live right, let’s do right!

The Triplets’ Conversation

See guys we need to address the elephant in the room. For so long I have had to endure the torment of playing a second fiddle to both of you. You both always make me feel like I’m of less importance in comparison to you yet I made both of you what you are. Every single decision you make is all because of me. You learn lessons and try to adjust simply by watching the mistakes I made. I have served as a guinea pig for all of your experiments, falling into all the buggy traps and serving as a sacrifice just so you both can have better lives. I demand I be treated with more respect.

Respect you say? Maybe so but I do not believe your existence serves much purpose. You only serve as an archive that keeps records of all that took place. Records that always serves as a probability of either making life easier or making one resign from having hope. You claim you do the work that we learn from; I laugh. What work did you do exactly? It is I and I alone who made you and make him. Everything you boast of was done by me and given to you to keep for me and him. There is nothing that happens without me being in the forefront while the rest of you watch from the side lines. Please don’t make me laugh, if there’s anyone with the right to demand respect then that would be me.

I haven’t had this kind of laugh in a long time. You both are indeed humorous. Watching you both bicker just is like watching the sun set at the beach. It’s the way you both claim superiority that has gotten me cracked up. What are you both without me? Without me what do you both have? You say you made us because we learned from the mistakes you made; you on the other hand said you are the one in the forefront fighting all the battles. I ask you, why do you fight? Is it not to achieve what I showed you that could be attained? Is it not because I bring hope to you. Can you count the number of souls you have lost whenever you failed to receive the hope mail I sent? The number of suicide keeps rising because you fail to check your mailbox to see the hope I sent you yet you want to claim superiority. None of you would be, without me.

I won’t claim to be better that the both of you or more important or deserve more respect. We are triplets after all and we all play our role; none of us exists without the other. Always remember that!

What Really Is The Future?

The human mind is naturally wired to procrastinate; it always wants to have things done when all is convenient hence the popular phrase “I’ll do it later in the future”.

Everyone assumes the future is a far place; a place so far that it stretches into oblivion. But what we fail to realise is that our present was in time past considered the future. It didn’t take so long to get here, did it? As a matter of fact, our present came rushing in like the speed of sound.

The future is an aggregate of every passing second not somewhere faraway sitting and waiting for us to get to it. You that is reading this now have moved into the future and is constantly moving.

When we have this understanding of what the future really is, we can make proper decisions that can change our lives for the better.

Remember, the future is always a second away!

What I’ve Found Out!

I was told that being a christougenniátiko would herald a new era of bliss; one that was pain free and fully illuminated. I thought there would be no place of uncertainty;  how wrong I was.

It has not been anything like what I have been told. Because like everyone else, I was seeking an escape from the pain I was going through. A pain that felt as dark as the darkest night and as deep as the bottomless pit. The only light I saw was this newly professed lover who had all it took to send the pain far from me.

I jumped at the offer to follow him with both hands and feet as a cat trying to escape the icy water of a cold winter morning. This new lover was to usher and keep me in a wonderland, somewhere called Canaan. Only to wake up to the same ridicule from my peers, months had rolled by and still no sign of any improvement in my life (so I felt at the time).

What I was never told was that being a Christougenniátiko did not excuse me from a life of hardship and trials rather it gave the strength needed to face and overcome them.

I really wished someone told me about this earlier, I wouldn’t have spoken against Ehyeh in my mind the way I did because I was upset and thought he deceived me into his service. I must admit, I usually felt a certain kind of peace within me but that didn’t stop the part of me that made me human to kick in with all the complaints and murmuring whenever things didn’t go how I wanted it. (You think that’s selfish of me right? I think so too now).

The life of a believer is one that would be faced with challenges like everyone else till we all depart from this our corporal form  but then we also should know that we don’t have a God that would cheer us from afar and urge us to walk through; we rather have a God that will stay with us in the fire, walk us through the valley of death’s shadow and calm us down in the middle of the storm till it ceases and we touch down on the shore.

The Planner, The Boy & The Impostor

From thoughts comes a burning unrelenting desire
A desire that births an insurmountable want
An unchecked want, fuels a need to acquire

Seeking the help of he who can give all
He responded “wait” which didn’t feel right
This isn’t right a voice gently kissed my ears
Living goosebumps all over like Geiger-Mueller detecting radiation

Ahhh I feel this uncanny sensation
Hovering around like dark night
With a silk, tender yet anxious voice
He says turn left and your day will be bright

The belligerent part of me has begun to find expression
Ready to go full pedal into action
But the obedient child in me never stops to question

But he said I should wait, shouldn’t I?
You shouldn’t for you were born ready
Do you really think so of me?
Of course I do, he also confirmed it too
As he is so you are, isn’t that what he said?
If he is ready so are you
For his words were carefully laid

Can you help me? For I am tired of the pause
Sure, but it shall come at a cost
Everything else you can keep but your soul shall be lost
You really do not need it as the soul is only but an idea
An idea to which no one cares

But He offered to give me all without conditions
Try and remember, he did also
You were told to wait that’s why you are in this situation

All these looks, sounds and feels enticing
But he hasn’t left my ears
Hmmm! What did he say?
All that would happen
Listening to your words would leave me in tears
An anguish too much to bear

He isn’t one to cast away his own due to a mistake done
He is always there besides his own, never leaving them alone
You forget one truth
I too am his son

It may take longer
The storm may seem tougher
Breathing may be harder
But if He has said wait
I trust the Planner.

The Jealous Lover

My love how are you? I’m just kidding I know. I can see you have been texting someone else, spending more of your time talking with them. Perhaps you consider me monotonous which is bemusing because I consider myself electrifying. It could be that the problem isn’t rooted in my court but in yours which makes me wonder.

What have they given to you that I haven’t given over and beyond? I do not wish to but I think it expedient to count all that I have done for you so you can juxtapose it with whoever you’ve decided to give your heart and time to perchance it could help you see clearly.

Remember the last time you were to get into a business and you seem overwhelmed with everything? You were all at sea on who to partner with or even how to go about managing the business; I gave you all the advice and resource you needed to succeed, which you now have.

Or was it the last time you were harassed by people of who you couldn’t contend with, and like a superhero I came rushing in to save you. Do you remember how I stayed up all day and night even till this day just to make sure your health got better and stays better?

I even gave you life (you were out cold) by donating my blood when your blood was completely polluted with virus. You at some point couldn’t come close, talkless of having a good relationship with your dad and I managed to mend that too. All these and many more too numerous to mention have I done for you and still we live together now as complete strangers.

Now that everything is working fine for you, you have abandoned me for those who couldn’t come through for you when you needed help. Many of which I’m sure tried to harm you when you weren’t looking. You barely say good morning or good night to me, you seldom read my postcards. The only time we converse is whenever you need assistance. What do you really take me for? I’m not a commodity to be used and dumped; I have feelings and get lacerated too.

All I’m asking for is more appreciation and more of your time. I love you more than anything in the world and zilch brightens my day more than having a conversation with you. Love me back the same way I love you is what I want, spiel to me more than you do with people around you is all I require of you. Try to remember this and only this is all I ask for I truly am a Jealous Lover.

For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God

Exodus 34:15 (kjv)

Letter to Lisa

Dear Lisa,

How is everyone at home? I hope they are all well. The postman came by to drop off the letter you sent. I have digested it’s content and I would be honest, I understand how you feel. Worry is like a leach that never let go of it’s host willingly. There must be an adequate amount of deliberateness on the part of the host if its to be gotten rid of.

I want you to step outside and keep an unwavering gaze into the night skies. I want you to observe the stars and how beautiful they shine, and how the help brighten up the sky, which leaves you with a longing of wanting to reach out and hold it. I want you with your eyes shut to feel the tender touch of the breeze as it caresses your skin.

Observe how consistent the sun is to rising and setting. It  rises with such splendour and sets with the most breathtaking elegance. The clouds go on to paint the most exquisite picture on the wide canvas of the open heavens. Remind yourself how big the mountains are and how vast the seas are.

Keep a steady gaze on the ocean and observe how it and the land share a mutual respect for each other as they both maintain boundaries. The sun does not try to outshine the moon at night neither does the moon struggle to be relevant during the day.

Everything is linked to everything. The trees gives oxygen to man, and man reciprocate with what it needs also. The trees serves as foundations for the bird’s castle and so the birds reciprocates by providing fertilisers for it. The sky is so accommodating to all the birds of the air. The earth feeds the clouds and the clouds reciprocates its generosity.

Every single planet is stationed in a way that none will ever collide with another. The sun hasn’t swallowed up the earth, neither has the earth devoured all of her inhabitants.

None of these things can be considered a coincidence. Everything points to a mastermind who have carefully and meticulously planned everything as it should be. The details found in nature goes a long way to tell that nothing goes without a plan. The details found in man’s corporal form causes a drought to our speech.

My darling Lisa, all I have been trying to make you see is that your life is part of the design. The challenges you face are not meant to consume you rather to purify, strengthen and make you wiser. Keep trusting in the One who have carefully set everything that exists in motion and in due time all will make sense to you.

Yours Truly,


The Limbo Hopeful

A steady gaze upon the beach
Brimming with its magical essence as the sky and water share a kiss
This brings back memories buried deep

Memories so beautiful like the meadow
Yet sour still
Hankering for the best times spent together
Still yet chary about the low

The poignant feeling
Have left me all at sea
Unsure of where I want my heart to go

The mesmerising smile and sweet melodious voice sucks me into Narnia
Yet the betrayal dressed in care have left a bittersweet aroma

How I longed for the good day not to cease
But the thorns of the forlorn time are unrelenting with its tease

Will it ever get better?
Will I ever feel whole again?
I can’t say, but so long as the sun rises
So will I!

The Whisper

A tender whisper….arise

How sluggish I am to embrace the sun rays

A few more minutes in bed I’d stay

Hey, wouldn’t you say hi to me?

I have nothing to say, stay away

Reaching out to a sparkling bottle

Aiming to drown the sorrow deep in the ocean found in the bottle

It doesn’t really feel better isn’t it?

Certainly not but a minute amnesia is better isn’t it?

I can make it better, I mean the pain

I can make it all disappear without leaving a stain

Here you go again with your silken tongue

Making promises all in vain

I never lie

Then why do I cry?

You try to get by yourself in darkness

That has brought you sadness

Let me be your light

And your smile will be contagious and bright

The heavens and all the stars dance

For your joy is their delight.